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At Canine Wise we believe that every dog deserves the chance to be a great companion & every owner has the potential to be a great leader

We have the knowledge and experience to help you and your dog realise that potential using gentle, proven methods.

Our team provides services throughout Sydney and surrounds, including:

  • Canterbury, Bankstown & Liverpool
  • Balmain & Drummoyne
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Pro Dog Trainer

I am John Vella, your local trainer in The Northern Beaches, The North Shore, Balmain and Drummoyne. I have been a professional dog trainer, and specialist in behaviour and obedience, since 1999.

I will show you how to teach your dog, to be a respectful dog, who listens to you and does what you ask. I feel most satisfied when I achieve a positive outcome with a client, who is at a complete loss regarding their dog's behavioural issues, especially after they have tried other less effective or harsher training methods.

My Positive Reinforcement techniques achieve a solution without cruelty and allows my clients to feel as if they are doing something that works while still allowing them to love their dog and treat it well.


I started training dogs as a hobby in the mid-80s when I acquired 2 rescue dogs, a kelpie cross and a border collie cross German Shepherd dog both of which I trained to a very high standard.

In 1995 I purchased “Bonnie”, a German Shepherd. She was a beautiful dog with excellent lines and papers and I started training her. However, by the time she was 18 months of age I was at my wits end with her as nothing seemed to be working; she was pulling on the lead on walks, barking till all hours in the morning, jumping up and digging up my garden.

I had a number of so-called expert trainers trying to help me and I also sent her away for a 3 weeks boarding and training and it was after this that my problems really began. She became aggressive, she bit my son and tried to bite a few other children. This was the final straw! I felt that nothing could be done and my vets advice was to euthanise her as she was a definite liability.

My life really turned, when I met John Richardson, aka "The Dog Whisperer".

John helped me to cure Bonnie, who lived with me till she died at around 12 years old.

I remember asking John Richardson, “Why did this happen with all the training I had put into her and my other dogs?” He explained that I had trained them in obedience training but not behaviour training and had listened to the wrong advice from these so-called experts. He also explained that I did not socialise my dogs by taking them to Puppy School before they were 16 weeks old.

This started a great 16 year relationship between myself and John, who shared his wealth of knowledge about dogs. I also studied and read everything I could get my hands on regarding dog psychology and behaviour.

I have used this knowledge and experience to help thousands of dogs with a variety of behavioural and anxiety issues.

My German shepherd dog "Harley", who I trained using the Canine Wise method, was my constant helper. I used him on a daily basis to rehabilitate aggressive dogs, for demonstrations and in 2015 he and I worked closely with Australia Post to help their delivery staff reduce incidents of dog bites. The feedback from this programme has been overwhelmingly positive.

My current dog is now a gorgeous Black German Shepherd dog who I rescued from being put to sleep from the original owners, who just did not put time into him. He had only been walked once in the first six months of his life and had not been socialised either, He was very, very mouthy and
starting to get aggressive to myself, my family and other people, however, with lots of love, patience and boundaries he is now a big part of our family, and he now also helps me with wayward dogs on a weekly basis.


Les Treuer

Pro Dog Trainer

I am Les Treuer, your local trainer for St George Sutherland shire area, Canterbury–Bankstown, Liverpool, Campbelltown, and surrounding areas. I have been a professional dog trainer, and specialist in behavior and obedience, since 2004.

There’s no such thing as a bad dog, so age, breed, gender or background isn’t a concern. Our methods are not harsh, they are easy to implement and based on dog's and owner's individual needs. I’d be delighted to show you, in the comfort of your own home, how to rectify any dog problems using positive methods to build a harmonious relationship giving you the dog you always wanted.


I received my first puppy in 1972 , a delightful 8 week old corgi who quickly became the love of my life. I have a trade background but always wanted to be involved with my true passion, canine psychology. I’ve been fortunate enough to have received a master trainers accreditation , trainer of the year awards and I am an accredited member of APDTA - Australian Professional Dog Trainers Association.

Difficult behaviours like, biting, aggression, destructive behaviour, phobias such as separation anxiety, noises, fear, walking difficulties and helping rescue dogs are all in a days work. Even the most troublesome dogs can be cured with the correct methods.

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A dog who respects you will do whatever you say and will stop whatever they are doing when you ask.

We will show you how to teach your dog to be a respectful dog, who listens to you and does what you ask.