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We believe that every dog deserves the chance to be a great companion and every owner has the potential to be a great leader.

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Are you a proud dog owner? Have you ever wondered why dog training is important? Well, let me tell you - it can be the key to unlocking a happy and healthy relationship with your furry friend! Dog training not only teaches your dog basic obedience commands, but also helps improve their overall behaviour and socialisation skills.

Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog, investing time in their training can make all the difference. From potty training to leash manners, teaching your dog these essential skills will not only make them more enjoyable to be around, but also keep them and you safe in various situations. And let's not forget about the mental stimulation that comes with learning new things - it can help prevent boredom and destructive behaviour. So why wait?

We are the preferred choice in dog training across Sydney. Why? Well here are just a few of the main reasons! Because our trainers are experienced, use gentle yet effective methods that we’ve honed over the years,

  • 1-000-Dog-Bone-Outline-Illustrations-Royalty-Free-Vector-Graphics-Clip-Art-iStock-Dog-bone-outline-vector

    We avoid overusing treats so your dog will still listen to you in the absence of a food reward

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    Our methods are recommended and proven – we get consistent results with gentle methods. Our training plans are practical, actionable, fun for your dog and easy to do. All you need to do is follow the simple program that we will set for you and the family.

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    Our trainers have decades of experience – we have honed our skills and can distil years of experience down into the key, actionable takeaways that you can implement.

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    Our gentle method of training is recommended by quality vets, pet stores and pet welfare groups, so you can rest easy knowing you are doing the right thing by your dog!

is your dog having a problem with...


Is your dog barking at the door bell, the neighbours, other dogs, or at everything?  Excessive barking is a nuisance and can be a sign of other issues.


Does your dog show signs of anxiety, such as separation, nervousness, fear of thunder and loud noises? Or is he very destructive or escaping? Anxiety can often get worse if not treated.

Jumping up

Is your dog jumping on you when you come home or on visitors, or just all the time? Jumping is a nuisance and potentially dangerous – they won’t just “grow out of it".

Pulling on their lead

Is your dog pulling you down the street or when he sees other dogs or people. Pulling displays a lack of control and turns walking your dog from an enjoyable experience to a chore.


Is your dog digging her way to China and turning your backyard into a mud pile?  Excessive digging can be a sign of serious underlying problems. Canine Wise in home training can provide you with strategies to address these issues.


Is  your dog  play biting, mouthing or nipping? These are not acceptable behaviours in any form, and can lead to aggression. Canine Wise in-home training uses gentle techniques to address aggression and give you confidence in your dog.


Has your dog growled or snapped at you or other people? Or has he attacked another dog aggressively? Aggression can manifest itself in different ways, which could lead to serious consequences, if not dealt with properly.


Would you like your dog to listen to you – at home, out walking or at the dog park? Is he running out of the front door or not coming back when called? Basic obedience is the foundation to a well behaved dog, and a happy life with you.

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